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PTSD Treatment with Marijuana?

Marijuana may be effective PTSD Treatment

Every year more than five million people suffer through anxiety, flashbacks and an array of additional symptoms associated with Post Traumatic Stress disorder, or PTSD for short. This mental health condition is commonly diagnosed in wartime soldiers who’ve returned home after combat, although it can affect any individual that has suffered a traumatic event. Doctors have long used lifestyle changes, medications, and behavioral therapy and counseling to combat the signs and symptoms of PTSD, with mixed results of relief with these treatment choices.
For many years, marijuana advocates have suggested that PTSD treatment with marijuana may work wonders for those with even the most severe of symptoms. While scientific analysis of marijuana as a treatment for PTSD is unavailable due to a lack of funding, every year thousands of patients turn to marijuana to remedy their symptoms. The fact that 20 states, as well as the District of Columbia, have legalized marijuana for medical use shines more light onto the fact that marijuana may very well be as effective as speculated for quite some time now.

Many Believe in Power of Marijuana for PTSD

Research conducted by Dr. Irit Akirav and published in the Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology shows that marijuana may be effective for treatment of PTSD and its long-term effects. The study, conducted with lab rats showed that the rodents injected with a synthetic cannaboid didn’t exhibit symptoms associated with PTSD, such as increased response, impaired extinction learning, and pain sensitivity. Rats without the injection exhibited these symptoms. This is only one of many independent studies that suggest marijuana is effective for PTSD treatment.
Oregon doctor Phillip Leveque, also a war veteran, PTSD- sufferer, toxicologist and pharmacologist, prescribes medical marijuana for other war veterans in his role at the VA hospital. He is one of many doctors affirming their belief in the treatment or system subsidy of medical marijuana.

The American Medical Association has also requested change in marijuana classification to allow research to be conducted. Even the federal government is shining light into the possibility that marijuana may be effective for war veterans suffering from PTSD. The DEA finally setting aside long-awaited money needed to conduct future research into the effectiveness of cannabis for PTSD treatment.

Vaping can be an effective way to administer the plant rather than smoking it. Portable vaping devices like the fireflyhave become more popular as of late.

The facts: What we know about PTSD & Marijuana

What is known, to-date, is that medical marijuana is used by more than one-million patients to treat mental illness, including PTSD. Due to a lack of federal funding for research, however, scientific analysis or results are unavailable. For patients depending upon medical marijuana to ease their chronic pains and symptoms, however, the astonishing results offered from its use are undeniable.
Research that has been conducted suggest that, at a minimum, cannabinoid use provides symptomological relief for the patient. This is like relief provided by an aspirin when you have a headache or an opioid to combat pain. Although more research is needed, marijuana may very well be found to be the cure-all for PTSD the world has been waiting for.